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NCE: The Power of DCC

For technical help try the new NCE INFORMATION STATION



Please do not place orders online at this time. 

We are having problems with the online ordering portion of our website. We are not receiving copies of orders placed so they don't get shipped. 

This is not the result of hacking or a data breach but is just a problem that has developed over time and is getting worse.

For retail orders please call +1-585-265-0230  (9AM and 4PM Eastern US time) 

Dealers, please call +1-585-265-0231 (Dealer and distributor orders only on this line)


Interested in DCC?  

Here's a short video turorial on using Digitrax and NCE throttles.

The NCE portion starts about 1/2 way through (at the 12:37 mark):

Click Here for video





Now shipping - DCC Twin - NCE's new starter set that provides TWO train controls right out of the box. The Twin includes an internationally approved 3 Amp (42 Watt) power supply.  A Cab Bus expansion connector lets you to add several additional throttles

DCC Twin part number 524-046  MSRP $159.95

Important News


Now shipping: our new SB5 and DB5. (These replace the SB3a and DB3a respectively)
Both include our P514 five Amp, internationally approved power supply.


Now Shipping - SB5 part number  524-027     MSRP $219.95

Now Shipping - DB5 part number  524-028     MSRP $179.95 


Now in stock at most distributors our new PB5.  An updated version of our 5 Amp PB105 booster (it looks the same) but now includes our P514 power supply. 

MSRP $199.95 - a $20 savings over the old PB105 plus P515.

PB5 part number: 524-045

The PB105 is still available for special order.

The latest photo from the NCE "hallway" security webcam - updated once every minute

Refresh photo

Translations NCE manuals thoughtfully provided by Bruno Conrard. We are sure our French-Canadian and European friends will find these helpful:

NCE Power-Pro 5 Amp system Manual in French


NCE PowerCab Manual in French



NCE DCC Twin (When used with ProCab) manual in French



New To DCC?

Try out Marcus Amman's DCC for Dummies website:
Page after page of good, reliable information for beginner and expert alike.


Recent Products

CAB06, CAB06p, CAB06r and CAB06pr are shippingmanual here

Now available 10 packs of D13SRJ decoders.  MSRP $174.95 (p/n 524-145)




How about a video visit to NCE?



or a Quick Start video for the Power Cab

White Rose Hobbies has done a video product review of the CAB06  Click here to see it


Bob Bucklew's old NCE manual index

Decoder to locomotive cross reference:
click here

Instructions for setting the DCC address on MTH locomotives: click here


Packet Analyzer -  Display all the DCC information being sent down 
the track on your computer!
Click here for more information.

EB1 - Short circuit protection for one power district is now shipping. Click Here for more information

Mini-Panel:Preliminary Mini Panel Technical Reference












Recently released:

Terry Chamberlain's A-Track - Your DCC Buddy

Support Groups

Need Help at 3 in the morning?
Join the NCE DCC Yahoo Group! Great advice, Great tips, and Insomniac friends. 


Allan Gartner's Wiring for DCC:
Marcus Ammann's DCC for Beginners:

Mark Gurries' DCC/NCE oriented page

Last updated: 19 NOvember 2013